BULK INSERT Data into a SQL Server Table from a CSV file

You want to import your sales orders from a comma delimited file into a SQL Server or MSDE table called orders. The file looks like this:

345,John Doe, 400
346,Mark Smith,450


Run the following SQL command from the SQL window in Teratrax Database Manager. Replace lower case text with your own:

BULK INSERT [orders]
FROM ‘c:orders.csv


Result (order table):

OrderID Name Price
345 John Doe 400
346 Mark Smith 450
347 Robert 400





Make sure the field terminator (‘,’ in this example) is not part of any actual value. The field Name for instance cannot be ‘Doe, John’ since the ‘,’ would be considered as a field terminator.

The table has to be similar in format to the file (same number of fields and same data type.)